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Hypnosis for easing stress

Gentle hypnosis induction to introduce you to hypnosis first, followed by hypnosis where coping with stress in a healthy way is introduced and facilitated. Hypnosis is relaxing, it's a gentle state almost like daydreaming where you are aware and remain in control at all times. You will be introduced to healthy stress management and awakened ready to use the coping method in your daily life. Stress relief for professionals or anyone who seeks support with stress. Please email, text or call for enquiries and booking. 

60 - 90 mins    £65 per session

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Hypnosis sessions

Gentle hypnosis induction followed by hypnosis with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help with many conditions from managing menopause symptoms to helping increase confidence and self esteem. 

Women's health including fertility support, cancer treatment support, driving test & exam nerves, divorce support and many more issues, please enquire.

Bespoke personalised client centred hypnosis, please contact to enquire. Please email, text or call for enquiries and booking.

60 - 90 mins    £65 per session

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Past Life Regression

Gentle hypnosis induction will be followed by two past life regression journeys where you can take a trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time. Hypnosis is a gentle journey similar to daydreaming, you will be lead into a beautifully calm state of mind using visualisation and relaxing techniques. You will be fully aware and remain in control at all times. You will be perfectly safe and able to experience your past lives in your mind's eye as if you are actually there as it happens. 

Please email, text or call for enquiries and booking.

60 - 90 mins    £65 per session

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Appointments are held in Southdown Hypnosis therapy room, where you can relax and recline in one of the comfy reclining chairs with footstools; or by Skype or Zoom video call.

During the Covid-19 crisis appointments are by video call only in compliance with government guidance and for your safety. 

Please fill out the contact form and submit, contact by email or text to book an appointment or make further enquiries


You can rest assured that we treat all clients respectfully and all cases are treated with full confidentiality.


Cancellation Policy:

  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of an appointment.

  • Any cancellation with less that 24 hours notice or failing to attend an appointment will be charged in full.

  • Notification of cancellation can be made either by text or telephone.