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Weight control

Weight Control support

Just as one size doesn't fit all one weight loss script or recording doesn't suit all! 

A personalised approach is taken to help support you with your weight loss journey. We all know how it can be a real struggle and battle to lose and maintain weight loss. Finding and sustaining the willpower to stick to reducing calorific intake and increasing activity levels to create the calorie deficit to lose the excess weight isn't always easy. There can be many reasons for weight gain and struggling to shed the excess pounds from emotional comfort eating to unhealthy eating habits to metabolism changes due to menopause or the natural ageing process. 

Weight loss - the honeymoon phase

There are several measures that can be taken to help reduce obesity from strict diets to bariatric surgery. They are often successful in the short term and are undeniably of great help to those who are termed ‘morbidly obese’. Studies have shown that some people regain weight, however, even after bariatric surgery. Typically 2 – 10 years after surgery it is estimated that around 30% will have regained the weight and 50% regained some of the weight lost. Bariatric surgery is becoming more popular with people flying to other countries such as Turkey for private operations. 

Mr Bruno Sgramo, consultant bariatric surgeon, explains that, “bariatric surgery controls the real hunger but it doesn’t control emotional eating or change thoughts and feelings about food … It may feel that this is under control during the honeymoon phase immediately following bariatric surgery, but it is likely to reappear in the long term. Emotional hunger needs to be managed with support” (from The Dietologist website). 

Not everyone opts for surgery of course, others use weight control medications or diet plans such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Cambridge Diet, Intermittent Fasting, etc. 

If you have emotional hunger and food/mouth hunger it will need to be managed whatever you opt for to shed that excess weight. 

Under relaxing  hypnosis we take a look at eating behaviours together and your individual eating habits or blocks around reducing calories to let go of these extra pounds to attain the trimmer healthier happier you. 

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