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Regression takes you back to earlier events in your present lifetime whilst under hypnosis. Regression is usually used as a therapeutic technique to help to uncover root causes of certain fears, phobias, behaviours, habits or issues. 

Past life regression is a technique, developed since the 1950s, that is carried out under hypnosis or guided meditation to recover memories of past lives. Psychologists, and psychiatrists have developed the method and therapy. It may be that it is a metaphorical journey that we can learn or gain insight from. 

Whatever your personal belief,  past life regression quite possibly will help you to find insight or resolution in your current life. 

Regression present Lifetime

Regression is used in hypnotherapy to help to discover root causes of issues or to help to isolate causes of negative emotions in order to better address them or help to alleviate them. 

There are a number of effective techniques to facilitate this process and it is relatively simple yet highly effective beneficial. You are gently guided to travel back, under hypnosis, through years to recall specific memories or events. 

Past life regression experience

Past life regression is carried out under hypnosis. It is perfectly safe and highly popular. You will be awake and in control at all times. As with current life regression, you will be gently guided to travel back in time and open ended questions are key to ensuring you are completely in control and it is your own journey. Some believe our subconscious minds provide us with a metaphorical story to learn from or to help us to release a trapped emotion or provide an answer to something we are keen to discover about ourselves or a particular issue, condition or fear. Others, such as Dr Brian Weiss, believe we had past lives we can learn from in this lifetime. 

What is it like?

I explain to clients that thoughts or answers to open ended questions will pop into their mind when in hypnosis. This is the subconscious mind providing us with what we need to know. How often have we tried to remember a name of something or someone, we think and think about it consciously and just can’t recall it; and then suddenly when we are not thinking about it hours later, or perhaps in the middle of the night, the name pops into our mind. That is our subconscious mind working in the background and supplying us with the answer. Hypnosis is a way of accessing the subconscious mind, hopefully without it taking hours, and the answers or memories or thoughts pop into our mind. 

With Past Life Regression it is the same, memories, thoughts or answers will just pop into our mind. Sometimes they are slow to appear so we take a bit more time to get used to the experience first and work at the pace of the client, taking care to guide and not give answers ourselves. 

A profound experience

Whether reincarnation is real or not, whether we have actual genuine past lives or not does not really matter. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system and regression therapists would not seek to change that. If these experiences are metaphors to provide insight then they are extremely powerful and worthwhile. Whatever happens during a past life regression hypnosis, inner wisdom flows from the subconscious mind and comes from within each individual. What is clear from numerous past life regression sessions, and as an Advanced Past Life Regression therapist, is that it is usually an extremely enlightening experience with wisdom being shared that is often simple yet indisputably profound.

Past Life Regression Experiences article

You may be familiar with the work of Dr Brian Weiss, or read one of his books such as Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and The Past Life Therapy That Changed Both of Their Lives; or read about Past Life Regression in magazine articles such as Anita Bhagwandas' feature in Glamour Magazine, February 2020 where she is regressed by a therapist and describes her experience:

"I tried past life regression and what I discovered about my life before this one was absolutely fascinating".

Past Life Regression is worth exploring at least once in your lifetime. 

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