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Regression takes you back to earlier events in your present lifetime whilst under hypnosis.

Past life regression is a technique, developed since the 1950s, that is carried out under hypnosis or guided meditation to recover memories of past lives. Psychologists, psychiatrists and spiritualists have developed the method and therapy.

It is an exciting journey into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your subconscious mind that open into other worlds that were yours in another time.

Whatever your personal belief,  past life regression quite possibly will help you to find insight or resolution in your current life. 

Where do past life memories come from

There are many theories to explain past lives including reincarnation, where our soul returns into an earthly body many times over many lifetimes, in order to learn, experience and evolve; genetic memory where we have memories from our ancestors passed down generations through our DNA; soul memory where we access memories from another soul from the collective spiritual record of everything, the Akashic Record; or fantasy where our imagination or subconscious memory of a film or story could be a possible explanation, although the detail recalled in many cases that has been confirmed by documented historical sources would suggest this is unlikely. 

Whatever your belief isn't as important as the insight and benefits you gain from the experience. 

Why Past Life regression

We can explore our past lives for whatever reason we choose, these are the main reasons:

Past life therapy, as past life events can affect aspects of our current life. Phobias, fears or other issues can stem from events in our former lives. Past life therapy can release repressed thoughts and emotions from the events in previous lifetimes and facilitate positive change.

Discover who we really are, journeying into past lives can give a deeper understanding of your character and who you really are. Our characters are formed from our experiences both in this lifetime and former lives. It could be why we are drawn towards certain interests, people, places or historical periods.

Curiosity, the adventure of experiencing some of your many past lives is fascinating and exploring former lifetimes, for many, is purely out of interest and curiosity.

Soul groups, some are driven to  investigate their past lives to find out if they have reincarnated with relatives, lovers or friends they are involved with in this lifetime in former lives. It is believed that souls can reincarnate in groups and is a possible explanation as to why we meet someone for the first time and feel that we know them, have met before and know they will be significant to us in this life. 

Past life regression experience

Past life regression is carried out under hypnosis. It is perfectly safe, you will be encouraged to relax and make yourself comfortable before we start. You will drift into a deeply relaxed state at first where you will have a sense of of complete calm and relaxation, this will be the hypnotic induction. 

Gentle hypnosis induction will be followed by two past life regression journeys where you can take a trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time. You will see, hear or sense your past life as if you are really there observing what is happening. You can return at any point you choose to and will be in complete control. The journey of many lifetimes will help you to discover who you really are. As many of us have several past lives it is possible to have numerous regression sessions as there is so much to explore you will be welcome to keep returning for more. 

You may be familiar with the work of Dr Brian Weiss, or read one of his books such as Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and The Past Life Therapy That Changed Both of Their Lives; or read about Past Life Regression in magazine articles such as Anita Bhagwandas' feature in Glamour Magazine, February 2020 where she is regressed by a therapist and describes her experience:

"I tried past life regression and what I discovered about my life before this one was absolutely fascinating".

Past Life Regression is worth exploring at least once in your lifetime.