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Hypnosis, also called guided meditation, is perfectly safe and similar to daydreaming where you are completely relaxed. You are conscious, aware and in full control at all times. Unlike a stage show you can be rest assured you won't be made to do anything you don't want to do or be made to look foolish. You can choose which suggestions you want to accept and use for the benefit of yourself. Hypnosis can feel like that deeply relaxed state you are in just before you drift off to sleep, calm, safe and relaxed. 

who can be hypnotised

Hypnosis is a choice, anyone can be hypnotised who wants to be hypnotised, the therapist just facilitates this and cannot hypnotise anyone against their will. 

The only exceptions are those under the influence of alcohol, drugs, certain medications, particular mental health conditions or particular health conditions. 




Hypnotherapy is therapy whilst under hypnosis, which is perfectly safe and relaxing. Under hypnosis the subconscious part of the mind is engaged with to help facilitate positive change to physical and emotional issues. More helpful suggestions, we agree too first, are given to help you to achieve your goals. You are in control at all times as we work together.  This process is gently approached to ensure you feel safe and many clients tell me they felt the deepest relaxation they have experienced. Hypnotherapy can bring about the same positive change, in just a handful of sessions, as years of other therapies achieve. It has been proven in clinical trials to bring out benefits and effect productive results. Bespoke person-centered hypnotherapy is used because you are unique and just as one size doesn’t fit all, neither does one hypnotherapy recording or script. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues - stress management, insomnia, infertility, menopause, weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence, driving test nerves, exam nerves, support with cancer treatments and many, many more …

Hypnosis for stress release & stress coping techniques

Hypnotherapy is excellent for stress relief, hypnosis for stress relief and learning techniques to cope with stress is usually the first step with the majority of clients before exploring other issues. Relieving stress is enormously beneficial as even those who don't consciously feel stressed often have memories or feelings of stressful situations stored in the subconscious that have a positive impact once they are released.