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Hypno-Oncology -Cancer Support 

What is Hypno-Oncology?

Hypno-Oncology is the therapeutic use of hypnotherapy with those going through the cancer journey. Using hypnosis and a range of psychological techniques to help you. 


Accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioners are qualified, experienced practitioners who have undertaken further training in the latest empirically evidenced approaches and techniques and have passed a rigorous exam. We are subject to high standards, ethics and codes of conduct as any other therapeutic practitioner should be. 

Hypno-Oncology can help with the psychological wellbeing and potentially deal with areas such as treatment side effects of those going through the cancer journey. The techniques and approaches have been researched, developed and tested over many years in academic and hospital oncology settings and have been used successfully with thousands of cancer sufferers. 


What can Hypno-Onology be used for?

Hypno-Oncology has been used for all aspects of the cancer journey including to try to :


  • Help reduce stress, anxiety, fear and worry .

  • Offer support and give you some much needed ‘me time’.

  • Reduce fear and phobias of certain aspects of treatment such as fear of scanners, needle phobias and many others.

  • Improve outlook and outcomes pre & post surgery (reduce pain and recover faster)

  • Help to address treatment side effects, including nausea, vertigo, taste issues, hot flushes, sleep issues, eating issues …

  • Assist with pain control and reduce pain where possible.

  • Help to build up breath holding for breast cancer radiation treatment. 

  • Help to reduce menopause symptoms that may be experienced following hysterectomy or hormone reducing/blocking medications. 

  • Work with experimental areas such as guided visualisation techniques and work with the immune system psychology.


And so much more!

There are a multitude of academic research papers supporting the usefulness and efficiency of Hypno-Oncology. 


What is the evidence for Hypno-Onology?

Sharma (2017), carried out a literature review of 55 research papers looking at the clinical benefits of using hypnotherapy with cancer patients, concluding that it appeared to benefit cancer patients both physically and psychologically. 


Cancer Research UK website states:


A US study (2007) gave hypnotherapy to a group of women before they had breast surgery. Researchers found that hypnotherapy lowered the amount of pain, sickness, tiredness and upset that the women had afterwards. 

Another US study (2006) found that hypnotherapy helped to lower anxiety and pain during a biopsy for suspected breast cancer. 

These are just a few of the many research studies that have been conducted. 

Laura is a certified Hypno-Oncology Practitioner registered with The Association of Hypno-Oncologists. 

Hypno-Oncology Practitioners do not treat cancer or offer advice on treatment. It is a complementary therapy to assist those going through the cancer journey. It is not a replacement for the treatment or advice given to you by your qualified medical professionals. 

For support with your cancer journey please contact to make an enquiry and to book an appointment

Hypno-oncology website for registered practitioners

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