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Divorce & Relationship Break Up Support

Divorce or relationship breakdown is a highly stressful time for anyone experiencing it, even if you made the decision to end the relationship or marriage. Dividing assets, moving house, living on your own, major lifestyle changes, making decisions you’ve never had to face or make before ... 


There are two parts to divorce, the legal process and the emotional process. It is normal to go through a grieving process with stages similar to those when a loved one is lost:

detail, anger, depression, bartering and acceptance. This can be hard process to go through without support. 

Hypnosis to support during this stressful time can help to ease and manage stress, explore and release emotions leading towards acceptance and planning the next chapter of your life. Exploring your new identity as a single person can also be really beneficial.


When you are ready to move on, exploring the desirable traits you seek in a new partner or accepting and being happy in your new single life are all possibilities for your positive future. 


Hypnosis is deeply relaxing for stress relief during this difficult time. Or you may find that clinical hypnotherapy to gently explore any issues you may have or help you to regain confidence and boost your self -image will help you. Laura takes a personalised individual approach to best suit you. As a clinical hypnotherapist she is trained in both analytical and suggestion therapy, taking a gentle relaxed approach in order to help you best. Laura has also undertaken additional CPD training in hypno-coaching including the GROW method. 


Laura has experienced divorce herself some years ago, understands how stressful the entire process can be and the myriad of emotions that surface when a long -term relationship breaks down. She had support some time later under hypnosis and found this to be effective, worked quickly and achieved positive changes for her. Recently remarried she also understands how beginning the dating process again can be daunting at first and the issues around that. 


Please contact for all enquiries and to book an appointment for divorce or relationship breakdown hypnotherapy support.

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